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A Guide to Apply and Remove Gelixir Nail Colors

If you are new to the nail polish world or want to explore the latest options, or if you are looking for nail polish that can last longer; the gel nail paints can be your ultimate answer in any case.

 As compared to what your typical nail polish offers, gel manicure is famous for lasting incredibly longer and in better condition. Unlike fake acrylic nails, gel nail is a liquid-based formula that is directly applied to your nails.

By now, you must be on the verge of your toes to find out how you can apply gelixir colors, also known as gel nails. If yes, then do not worry because I am here to help and have lined up a guide that you can use to apply and remove gel nail polish whenever you would want.

How To Apply Gel Nail Polish

The application process of Gelixir soak off colors is more like a creative art in itself rather than just the regular ritual. Here is a guide on how to craft this art with perfection:The first and foremost step towards a gorgeous gel manicure is t0o properly shape your nails. For this purpose, you can use a nail clipper to trim your nails to a certain size. If you want to change the shape of your nails, you can use a nail filer to properly round the edges and corners for a smoother application.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Are a Beginner Level Tattoo Artist

Becoming a tattoo artist may not be as easy as it looks. I am afraid, just being good at drawing or being passionate about doing a tattoo is not enough to make you a good tattoo artist. Various factors work collectively to make someone a professional and famous tattoo artist. I may not pick up all the points, but I will try to present all the possible things that matter.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Are a Beginner Level Tattoo Artist


All you need to do is just keep yourself open to all the possibilities that may come up on the way. Hard work and persistence are something you need at every point in time in this profession.


Knowledge of tattoo machine kits is the first thing that you should look for. Although it is a vast topic to cover, I will be giving a brief idea of what equipments to look for in the first place.

Tattoo Machines

Tattoo machines are basically of two types coil and rotary. You can prefer them as liner and shader. Coil tattoo machines are used mainly by established tattoo artists because this kind of machine is heavy and a little hard to control. They make noise and use more needles than the other one. Even in the coil tattoo machines, there is various kind.

Most modern-day tattoo artists prefer using rotary machines, as it is comparatively light and easy to use. For liner work, these machines are great.

Both have their perks and disadvantages when it comes to picking up the best one for you. If you are a beginner, you can train under other artists and practice to know which one you are more comfortable using.

2021 Can Prove to Be a Defining Year for Nail Manicures

With 2020 done and dusted, it is time to forget the past and move ahead in life. The year gone by could qualify as one of the darkest years in our lives. However, 2021 seems promising as things have started improving worldwide. Due to the lockdowns in 2020, nail salons were predominantly closed, forcing women to practice at home and gain mastery over nail manicures. Though there might have been a drop in DND nail polish wholesale margins, individual purchases have zoomed to significant heights. Here are some exciting color trends that could stand the test of time in 2021.

Nail Color Trends in 2021

The Deep Reds are back with a bang

With social interaction gaining momentum in 2021, one can expect women to take the lead and paint the town red with DND gel polish and lacquer. Global warming has ensured that winters stay longer, thereby encouraging people to plump for dark colors in the initial months of the year. There cannot be a better dark hue to make a compelling statement than the deep reds. Even otherwise, red has always been the favorite of people down the years. 2021 will see a resurgence of the deep reds.

Best Lip Care for Winter Helps in Getting Soft and Shiny Lips

Lip skin is thinner than the rest of the body and needs special care at times of winter. People often forget to pay attention to the peeling of the lip and chapped surface until it’s too late. For maintaining proper shine and softness of lips, there is a need to incorporate good quality beauty and care products. Some people rely on home remedies for lip care, but for effective and speedy results, there are a few organic, ready-to-use products available in the market at an affordable price.

Omorfee Lip Repair And Lightening Balm

Amazon best-selling product B008NKP4G4

Winter steals away the natural luster from lips and covers them in a black layer of dried and dead cells. This 100% organic lip salve will restore the pink color of your lips and magically repair the damage.

Even if your lips are harmed by UV rays, smoking, or regular usage of chemical products, the Omorfee lips lightening cream will restore the originality in no time. As the product contains almond oil, carrot seed oil, and cocoa butter, your lips won’t be devoid of moisture anymore. Use the item regularly anywhere, anytime, and forget the mess of petroleum jellies.

Hebepe Green Tea Sleeping Mask For Lips

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The antioxidant mask for lips will deliver appropriate healing to your chapped and cracked lips. Coming with an applicator, the overnight mask is easy to use and will allow speedy recovery within initial days of regular usage itself.

The product has a mild, unbothered fragrance that would help you get proper beauty sleep while doing its job. Containing coconut oil, shea butter, green tea extract, and other hydrating agents, the gel will soothe any kind of irritation and enhance the vibrancy of your natural lip color.

How to Apply Chrome Nail Powder

Chrome nail powder works like the typical dip powder systems giving the other dip powders a run for their money. Different nail polishes including acrylics, gels like DND nail gel polish or even dip powders like Kiara Sky, SNS, or Nugenesis have a unique application process and chrome nail powder is not different.  Its application has a slight similarity to other dip powders, but there are numerous differences that you need to know. If you have been struggling to apply chrome dip powder, there is no need to worry. Most of its other users are also facing similar problems, but we have got you covered. Applying chrome dip powder is a tricky endeavor, and numerous things can go wrong. Despite the mistakes you are bound to make, the process becomes easy if you know the required steps. This article enlightens you on how to apply chrome dip powder easily and avoid the mistakes you have been making in the application process.

Applying Chrome Nail Powder over a Black Nail Base

Trying something new might be daunting, but if you are interested in applying chrome nail powder, it is a new thing worth trying. After all, what do you have to lose? When you grasp the technique, you might want to use chrome nail powder all the time. You might also spend your entire lifetime collecting distinct chrome powder nail colors. Please do not curse us for this horror; all we are doing is enlightening you on using this exquisite powder.

What You Need to Know about Tanning Lotions?

Indoor tanning sessions are often incomplete without tanning lotions. The products are said to be a better alternative if you don’t want to expose skin to harmful ultraviolet rays. Go, take an indoor tanning bed, apply some lotion, and have fun! This is what you all requirements for safe tanning. Well, you should understand the science behind their working process and efficient's tanning lotions

These self-tanners are commonly sold as creams, lotions, and sprays for even application on the skin. However, a professional spray tanning facility is also available in salons. The right amount of tanning lotion will help stimulate the biological process for the skin’s natural and healthy tanning. It amplifies tan by which you can observe results in a significantly shorter period as compared to natural tanning under the sun.

How Do Tanning Lotions Work?

The time to bake your skin under a heat lamp to get that golden-brown tan can even take your weeks. It may be a significant problem people stick to tanning lotions. Well, you should not forget about harmful UV rays as another factor. In this section, we’ll look at a kind of biological process that works behind the tanning lotions.

Firstly, consider a quick fact of men’s tanning in the USA. According to a recent survey, almost 2 million US men tend to self-tan indoors. It’s the main reason men’s tanning lotions are quite popular here.

Let Your Tie-dye Nail Art Shine in the Fashion Spotlight

When we think of the word tie-dye, the first thing that comes to mind will be hippie and psychedelic patterns but did you know that the tie-dye effect is now the latest trend in nail fashion? Several celebrities and influencers are implementing the tie-dye nail art into their everyday look. It’s all over Instagram and other social media platforms and if you haven’t seen it, well you must be living under a rock.

Tie-dye Nail Art Shine

The gaudy designs are slowly turning into sophisticated ones and while they may look complicated, they are quite easy to do and can be done at home. A number of tutorials are available online and since the entire process doesn’t take up much time, you can D-I-Y your own tie-dye nails and experiment with tons of different looks. Here are some of the designs that you can rock not only as your everyday wear but also in chic occasions.

Best Dipping Powders

Must you have heard about using the best dipping powder on nails? Definitely, yes. It is a very popular technique that is used to get flawless nails in just two minutes. You get the perfect color, perfect opaqueness and the smooth shine that is surely worth noting on the nails. Since it is different from that of the other kinds of  gel nail polishes or DND nail colors, people may not know how to use them or how to pick the right dipping powder system for the best results.

Dipping Powder

It is just an effortless way to get perfect looks on your nails and nothing technical is involved when it comes to applying the dipping powder on the nails. You just need to apply the base, dip your nails in the LDS dipping powder to get the nails ready to shine in just 2 minutes.

There is a range of brands that offers nearly every type of color in the form of dipping powder so that you get the color that is the best for you.

From low hues to sharp and neon hues, all shades are available in the various dipping powder systems. So you can get the color of your choice from some of the best dipping powder brands that are available on the market.

How to Prevent Hair Loss: The Tricks That Actually Work

While you can’t change your genetic makeup, you can still prevent hair loss by changing your habits. If you’ve noticed you’re losing more hair than normal, it’s time to act before it gets worse.

Prevent Hair Loss

Also, watch out for hair that seems drier and more fragile. A few split ends can happen to healthy hair, but strands that break easily are not a normal occurrence. So let’s go over how to protect your hair to stop losing it.

The most important step to retain your hair is to baby it. This means no more hairstyles that pull on it or weigh it down. Cut down on heat styling and apply less gel, spray, dye, etc. As you know, chemical processing can turn lustrous tresses into a twiggy desert.

When you shampoo, clean your scalp more and your strands less. Plus, always use conditioner. If you can switch from shampoo with sulfates to something gentler, that’s even better. And try a hair masque at least once a week if your curls are especially dry.

Yellow Toenails: Prevention and Treatment

Thick yellow nails can be hard to trim properly. Thick yellow toenails can be difficult to cut and can cause discomfort and eventul health issues. Your thick nails can be softened to make the toenail trimming less difficult.

Issues That Can Cause Thickened Nails

  • Fungal Infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Diabetes and poor circulation
  • Trauma to the nail

Yellow Toenails

The Way to Soften Toenails for Cutting

  • Trimming thick yellow nails without softening the nails first will cause the nail to crack, chip, and crumble.
  • Prepare a basin of warm water. The water should be deep enough to cover your feet.
  • Add three tablespoons of Epsom salt to the warm water.
  • Soak your feet for about 30 minutes in your tub or basin of warm water. Extremely hard toenails may need to be soaked for longer times.
  • After soaking is completed, pat your feet completely dry.
  • Apply a medicated toenail softening crème on your toenail.
  • Allow the medicated softening crème to stay on overnight to soften your toenail thoroughly before trimming the toenail the next day.

Home Remedies for Softening Hard Nails

  • Vicks Vaporub – This product can be used instead of soaking your feet in water to soften hard nails. The elements in Vicks Vaporub will hydrate your toenail, and some studies have shown that Vaporub can prevent the onset of best toenail fungus treatment. It is suggested to apply on your toenail twice a day.
  • Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil with olive oil can help the onset of toenail fungus. Mix a few of the oil with olive oil and apply a few drops to the toenail.
  • White Vinegar – White Vinegar is known to have antibacterial properties. With a cotton ball soaked with vinegar apply to your toenail. Repeat this application twice a day.