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How to Apply Chrome Nail Powder

Chrome nail powder works like the typical dip powder systems giving the other dip powders a run for their money. Different nail polishes including acrylics, gels like DND nail gel polish or even dip powders like Kiara Sky, SNS, or Nugenesis have a unique application process and chrome nail powder is not different.  Its application has a slight similarity to other dip powders, but there are numerous differences that you need to know. If you have been struggling to apply chrome dip powder, there is no need to worry. Most of its other users are also facing similar problems, but we have got you covered. Applying chrome dip powder is a tricky endeavor, and numerous things can go wrong. Despite the mistakes you are bound to make, the process becomes easy if you know the required steps. This article enlightens you on how to apply chrome dip powder easily and avoid the mistakes you have been making in the application process.

Applying Chrome Nail Powder over a Black Nail Base

Trying something new might be daunting, but if you are interested in applying chrome nail powder, it is a new thing worth trying. After all, what do you have to lose? When you grasp the technique, you might want to use chrome nail powder all the time. You might also spend your entire lifetime collecting distinct chrome powder nail colors. Please do not curse us for this horror; all we are doing is enlightening you on using this exquisite powder.

Apply a Black Base Coat

Unlike other dip powders where you can use different base coats, chrome dip powder is unique in that a black base coat must be used. You can use the black base of your choice but make sure that it is super black. Therefore, spotty black or even medium black will not serve the purpose. You can use a polish base, a dip powder black base, or even a gel black base like DND gel polish as long as it gives you the needed blackness. Ensure that you do not mess up this step because it is the easiest of all in the application of chrome dip powder.

Apply a No Wipe Gel Top Coat

This is one of the most common steps where people tend to mess up. Chrome nails need some select type of topcoats. A no wipe gel top coat is an ideal topcoat for use with Chrome powder. It implies that you do not need an alcoholic wipe to wipe off any sticky residue from the topcoat. The essence of this type of topcoat is because of the powder requires a slick and smooth to prevent the layers of powder from becoming lumpy.

Cure the Topcoat

Another most messed up step is the curing step, where you are supposed to cure for 5 to 10 seconds. If you are having problems with your topcoat, this might probably be the step where you went wrong by curing it for a very long time. If the coat fails to stick, it looks splotchy, or is generally not working; you must have messed up this step. Curing the topcoat halfway is the trick in that when you remove the nails from the LED or UV lamp, the top of the coat should be sticky rather than smooth. However, you should know that different topcoat brands vary; thus, you may be required a little experiment to know how long the gel you have used will take to cure.

Gently Rub Your Powder onto the Nails

First, you need to cure your nails correctly for this step to work. Otherwise, it is a hard step to mess up if the nails were correctly cured. Watching the powder melding and breaking apart on the nails is really amazing. An eye shadow brush or stick is sometimes used to rub the powder on the nails, but the fingers can also be used. Heavy pressure is not needed to avoid scratches and indents on the topcoat. Also, make sure that you get to the side edges.

Use a No Wipe Gel Top Coat to Seal The Chrome Nail Powder

The powder needs to be sealed off because if it does not, then the manicure lasts for about a day or two utmost. Thus this is not a step that you should forget. Use the topcoat you had previously applied and ensure that you are gentle to avoid damaging the powder. If you want to use a liquid topcoat, it should come second after you cure the no wipe gel.


If you are a fan of SNS, Kiara Sky, or Nugenesis dip nail, you should add chrome nail powder to your list of favorites because it is equally impressive. However, you also need to know how to apply it, and in this article, we have availed the correct procedure to follow without messing it up.