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A Guide to Apply and Remove Gelixir Nail Colors

If you are new to the nail polish world or want to explore the latest options, or if you are looking for nail polish that can last longer; the gel nail paints can be your ultimate answer in any case.

 As compared to what your typical nail polish offers, gel manicure is famous for lasting incredibly longer and in better condition. Unlike fake acrylic nails, gel nail is a liquid-based formula that is directly applied to your nails.

By now, you must be on the verge of your toes to find out how you can apply gelixir colors, also known as gel nails. If yes, then do not worry because I am here to help and have lined up a guide that you can use to apply and remove gel nail polish whenever you would want.

How To Apply Gel Nail Polish

The application process of Gelixir soak off colors is more like a creative art in itself rather than just the regular ritual. Here is a guide on how to craft this art with perfection:The first and foremost step towards a gorgeous gel manicure is t0o properly shape your nails. For this purpose, you can use a nail clipper to trim your nails to a certain size. If you want to change the shape of your nails, you can use a nail filer to properly round the edges and corners for a smoother application.

The key to your nail health is proper hydration, and for this you should be using cuticle oil daily and specifically with the gel nail polish. You can use a cuticle pusher in order to push your cuticles backward and let your nails be more notable. You can also use it to remove the dead skin present on your nail plate. After this, you would need to apply cuticle oil to hydrate and nourish your skin around the nails.

Once you are done with the basics, the next step would be to buff your nails to make sure the surface of your nails is smooth and ready to bond with the gel nail polish.

Cleaning the nail with a cleanser or rubbing alcohol is an important step to take after buffing to allow the nail polish to stick to your nails naturally.

Now the essential step is to apply a thin base coat with a nice and good gel nail polish and then cure each nail by putting it under the LED lamp or UV light to let it dry. You are supposed to let the base coat dry for at least 30 seconds.

Now, shake your Gelixir polish properly before applying it, and then start getting on your color. Apply thin coats all through the edges of your nails as well carefully without straying them onto the skin.

After then, you can apply the final and top most coat and let it dry, and voila, your gel mani is ready for the final show.

How To Remove Gel Polish

Just like applying gel nail polish, removing it also needs accurate care and safety measure and a whole process to go through, which is given below:First of all, be mindful that removal can take some time, and you have to be patient throughout the process.

So at first, trim your nails shorter so that it would be easier for you to remove the gel applied on them.

The next step would be to file the topcoats to break through the seal of the gel. In other words, it is basically removing the shiny layer with the help of a nail filer.

Now to protect your cuticles from dehydration and abnormalities during the process, you can coat them by applying cuticle oil to the surrounding areas.

After that, you would have to soak the nails in a 1005 acetone chemical for some time.

Then wrap the nail in a foil sheet to make the removal process faster. Then wait at least 10 minutes so that it soaks properly and the layer of gel gets loose.

Finally, you would need to gently push off the polish and moisturize your nails afterward to save your nails from breakage.


In the end, I would say that although gel nails take a lot of effort and time to apply and even remove, it is definitely worth it all. The gorgeous look that this Gelixir colors serves goes with every outfit of yours and is a perfect match for every fashionista out there.

Just be careful that you take proper care of your nails in the meantime to save them from getting thin, any breakage, or dehydration. So, go on and get your gel nails done today, or do one at home now!