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2021 Can Prove to Be a Defining Year for Nail Manicures

With 2020 done and dusted, it is time to forget the past and move ahead in life. The year gone by could qualify as one of the darkest years in our lives. However, 2021 seems promising as things have started improving worldwide. Due to the lockdowns in 2020, nail salons were predominantly closed, forcing women to practice at home and gain mastery over nail manicures. Though there might have been a drop in DND nail polish wholesale margins, individual purchases have zoomed to significant heights. Here are some exciting color trends that could stand the test of time in 2021.

Nail Color Trends in 2021

The Deep Reds are back with a bang

With social interaction gaining momentum in 2021, one can expect women to take the lead and paint the town red with DND gel polish and lacquer. Global warming has ensured that winters stay longer, thereby encouraging people to plump for dark colors in the initial months of the year. There cannot be a better dark hue to make a compelling statement than the deep reds. Even otherwise, red has always been the favorite of people down the years. 2021 will see a resurgence of the deep reds.

Spring will witness milky nudes to make an indelible mark

Spring is not far away. Though the winters have prolonged a bit more than usual, spring is around the corner. So, you can expect the milky nudes to come out of the makeup kits more often. The fascinating aspect of this universal color is that it allows you to experiment to the maximum. As it suits all skin tones, milky nudes might dominate the DND nail polish wholesale demands in 2021.

How about a mix of matte and glossy finish?

While 2020 was more about confinement, 2021 can well be the year to experiment. You can try something out of the ordinary by having a matte and glossy combo on the same nail. It might look unique, but celebrities have already started the trend. The pink-red combo is an interesting one, and so is the matte base with a black vertical glossy line design. You can go ahead and set a new trend with every alternate nail sporting matte and glossy shades of the same color.

Bluish gray hue can grab the eyeballs this summer

The time is ripe for you to make a fashion statement. To do so, you have to stand out from the crowd. A color combo of two colors from opposite ends of the spectrum could be an eye-catching one. It can give you the perfect balance between having a laid-back look and making a fashionable statement. The bluish-gray hue satisfies these requirements perfectly and is poised to grab the eyeballs this year. Try out the new color combination from the DND gel polish and lacquer collection.

Mustard yellow is a perennial choice

Besides the red shades, mustard yellow is the only color having the qualities to look enchanting throughout the year. Spring is the right time to see the mustard flowers blooming in the orchards. The yellow hue is genuinely enticing. You can opt for a darker shade of mustard yellow or even go for a matte finish. Either way, this color is always in great demand, irrespective of the seasons.

The updated French manicure retains its romanticism

With spring approaching fast, it is time to bring out the romantic side of your personality into the open. There cannot be a better shade than the updated French manicure to display your romantic intentions. You can experiment with a dark burgundy finish and a jade blue tinge to shape the nail edges. It is a new combo but can prove to be the trendsetter for 2021.

Nothing can be as enchanting as the brown-gold combination

The chocolate brown hue is a favorite of teens all over the world. You can add a splash of intrigue by having a golden base to enhance the overall feel. The beauty of brown is that it gives you the license to experiment with an exquisite color range from the deep mahogany hues to the light beige. This brown-gold combo suits brunettes and blondes, both. Hence, it is sure to steal the limelight in 2021.

The colorful greens beckon you

Spring is the time when you have greenery all around the place. You can unite with nature by adopting the green shades on your nails and be in sync with the surroundings. DND gel polish offer unlimited green shades for you to experiment and have a blast. If you are looking for wholesale DND gel polish, you have arrived at the right place.


2021 can redefine the way the world looks at nail manicures. As 2020 has been a subdued year, it is now the right time to take out your gel polish and lacquer shades from the closet and make a forceful fashion statement on your social media handles.