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We Create the Most Alluring Collection of Perfume Oils in the World



Elizabeth has built her career financing, advising and marketing emerging companies. Her business background, extensive work in the fragrance industry and commitment to sustainable business practices form the core of ERH1012. She is also a founder and director of GaiaOne, a company dedicated to developing sustainable plantations for the flavors and fragrance industry.


Creative Director

Helena Christensen has been a prominent figure in fashion for over 20 years. A photographer, writer and philanthropist, her stunning photography is featured on ERH1012’s website. Besides having her photography highlighted in numerous magazines, she has had several pictorial exhibitions. Helena is a global photographer for Oxfam. As Creative Director at ERH1012, Helena works closely with Elizabeth to define our identity; she has been instrumental in translating our scent and is closely involved with developing our approach to the market. Helena’s natural appreciation for this special, rare, and unusual product makes her a treasured part of our team.


Master Perfumer

Christophe is internationally recognized for pioneering the development of scent as the next frontier in contemporary art, and is widely acclaimed as the creator of some of the world’s most renowned perfumes. His seminal first work premiered at the New York and Bilbao Guggenheim Museums with the first-ever Scent Opera. He has created projects for the Davos World Economic Forum and the Royal Botanical Gardens, and presented at the Royal College of Art and University of Arts in Berlin. His work is catalogued at Harvard and Columbia. Christophe’s contribution to deadofnight has been invaluable in defining our complex scent.