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Dead of Night

deadofnight, a compelling fragrance for men and women, is a perfume oil imbued with the seductive power of oudh, a precious aromatic resin. Coveted and rare—and thus extremely valuable—oudh has been prized for centuries for its deeply complex scent and aphrodisiac effect. It takes time to develop as part of the natural maturation process of the exotic agarwood tree and is responsibly harvested in the Borneo rainforest.

deadofnight balances the impact of oudh with green top notes, floral hints of jasmine and rose and the nuanced warmth of sandalwood, amber and musk. The result is a sophisticated fragrance with a lingering sensuality that can be worn to devastating effect by both men and women.

Unlike alcohol-based sprays, perfume oils must be applied deliberately and carefully, encouraging an intimate ritual that enhances the appreciation of fragrance and its mystical allure.