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Crucial Facts of Dip Powder Manicure You Should Know

Of late, dip powder manicures are trending globally, with women worldwide preferring dip powder manicures to the other procedures. The popularity can be attributed to dip powder manicures that do not require curing under the UV lamp. Hence, you restrict your exposure to UV radiation and, thus, protect yourself from dangerous ailments like cancer. However, is dip powder safe enough for use? Are there any health issues with using dip powder? This blog goes on to explore such aspects of dip powder. Here, we would like to say that it is always better to opt for quality products. Therefore, you can buy OPI dip powder from our website at attractive rates.

Issues Connected with Dip Powder and Their Solutions

Nail infection risk

You would have noticed how nail salon technicians apply dip powder polish. If you have been to a salon, you must have experienced how the technicians dip your nails into the dip powder bottle when applying dip powder. They follow the same procedure for all customers. So, many women would have dipped their fingers into the same dipping powder bottle. Now, it sounds a bit unhygienic because you never know whether the powder you use is contaminated or not. The persons using the bottle before you might have had a nail infection. They could transfer the bacteria from their infected nail to the powder, and you could end up with a nail infection. Does it not sound scary?

The solution

One possible solution is that you can carry your dipping powder bottle to the salon and dip your nails in it. In this way, the only person using your dipping powder bottle is you. Therefore, there is no risk of contamination and nail infection. So, the next time you go to the salon, take your OPI nail dip powder bottle with you and eliminate the risk of contracting nail infections.

An alternative solution

The drawback with taking your bottle to the nail salon is that you need to have sufficient stock of dip powder with you. Yes, you can buy OPI dip powder and take them along, but the nail salon can offer you a range of different choices of color. Secondly, the nail salon will not reduce its fees because you bring your nail polish products for use. Hence, the best alternative is to ask the nail technician to pour dipping powder directly on your nails. Thus, you can reduce the risk of infection but not eliminate it. Besides, pouring dip powder on your nails can result in massive wastage of dipping powder. Therefore, you end up paying more for the dip powder manicure.

Dangerous chemicals used in the manicure process

A dipping powder manicure requires applying a basecoat before dipping your nails into the dipping powder bottle. The powder sticks to the basecoat and not to the nail. However, do you know the ingredients that go into the manufacture of the basecoat? The cheap quality basecoat you get in the market contains Krazy Glue, an ingredient used to stitch wounds. It is also known as cyanoacrylate glue that can combine anything from plastic to metal and even human skin. When using Krazy glue on your nails, you run the risk of the glue sticking to your skin. This is because our skin perspires, and hence you have some moisture on the skin all the time. This moisture is sufficient to create conditions for the cyanoacrylate glue to cure and stick to the skin. It can be challenging to remove the glue if it sticks to your skin.

The solution

It is advisable to invest in quality nail polish products like OPI nail dip powder. When you buy OPI dipping powder, you can ensure that you do not have dangerous chemicals in your nail polish.

Use of acetone in dip powder removal

Everyone knows that acetone is the universal solution for removing nail polish from nails. Acetone can dissolve all nail polish easily, but there are risks of using acetone because it can dehydrate your skin and nails.

The solution

The ideal solution is to use non-acetone nail polish removers. These products can take more time for removing nail polish, but they do not dehydrate your skin. Alternatively, you can provide sufficient time for your nails to regain their moisture levels before going for another manicure. In the meanwhile, you can keep massaging to nails with cuticle oil. It helps to replenish the moisture content lost during the nail polish removal process.

Final Thoughts

Dip powder manicure is easy to master, but it comes with these drawbacks, as discussed above. However, you can take sufficient care to ensure that your nails do not get affected by the use of harmful materials or processes. The best solution is to invest in quality products like OPI dip powder nails.