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Salon-standard Beautiful Nail Styles That All Girls Can Do!

Gel nail polish can be said to be a breakthrough invention in nail technology, gel polish colors are famous for their use to help beautiful nails become more gorgeous. Depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose between regular nail polish and gel nail polish colors. Color gel nail polish is also easy to use with the same quality in terms of regular nail polish color. If the cost of gel polish colors is a concern for you, then believe that they have now been adjusted a lot and moreover, the effect you get during 3 consecutive weeks is really worth what you spend on. Therefore, with the outstanding advantages of gel polish durability, beautiful standard colors, the price is no longer a concern. So, what are you waiting for? Cover beautiful nails with gel polish, your favorite designs, and get creative with the best nail gel polish with trendy nail trends.

So, What Is the Best Nail Gel Polish?

To choose a beautiful and good nail polish color for your nails, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The type of gel polish colors must be safe for the skin of the hands, do not contain 12 harmful substances, do not cause peeling or drying of the skin of the hands.
  • Safe ingredients, containing as many nail nutrients as possible.
  • Paint color must be smooth without causing many folds, glossy and beautiful standard color.
  • Long-lasting to save time to paint over and over again and must be durable.

When choosing a gel nail polish brand, you should give preference to brands that contain 3-free, 5-free, 7-free stickers. The word “Free” stands for “free” nail polish chemical.

Salon-standard Beautiful Nail Styles That All Girls Can Do!

With the multitude of gel polish colors and the wide range of color palettes available on the market today, it also means that a lot of trendy nail designs are born. Depending on the occasion, the girls can wear each nail design in a different style, but they don’t have to be too picky to be beautiful, they don’t have to be sophisticated every time they go to the party. Many nail designs are simple and has the salon- standart beauty that every girl can easy to do but look extremely luxurious. You guys can wear it on all occasions.

“Golden geometry” style

The simplest way is to use nude nail polish as a base, then use gold gel polish to draw a V shape in the middle or tip of the nail. Or you can also draw a small triangle at the base of the nail of the ring finger (ring finger) then use black polish to paint the outside of the drawn V.

On the thumb nail, apply 2/3 black polish on the inside of the V, then use a yellow polish to highlight the rest, highlight the nail of the index finger with a semicircle shape. On your little finger, paint it all in glossy black. Although the colors are not too prominent, they bring a trendy touch that is quite suitable for the office environment. You can also use paint tape or paintbrushes to create geometric patterns like the one above.

You can also change it slightly from the pattern and use multi-colors to draw details “V”, for example inverting the shape of the little fingers.

Nails do not have to be sophisticated to be beautiful, instead, nail designs with extremely simple patterns are loved by many young people especially because of their sophistication and charming personality.

Natural nail style

Girls who love simplicity and elegance will love natural nail polish styles. First, clean your nails, use clear gel polish or nude gel polish to paint the base. Then, apply a little white polish on the tip of the nail to create a natural effect that makes the fingers look slimmer and longer.

If you don’t want your hands to be too pale, add some bright colors or glitter to give your nails a luxurious look.

French manicure

Making “French manicure” at home is quite easy if you use the crescent moon. Paint your fingertips with your favorite color, you can use pink or glossy black instead of the usual white. Then apply a coat of polish to the surface of your nails to protect your freshly painted finger. Whether your nails are long or short, rest assured that “French manicure” will suit you well.

Classic French manicure will definitely give her an elegant and sophisticated look. You can freely accentuate your fingers with striking motifs or patterns such as flowers, metallic lines or rhinestone nails, just keep the characteristics of this nail style that is the gentle tone.

A lot of women like “French manicure”, but it’s really simple designs that can sometimes look boring. For this reason, you may need to spice things up a bit by choosing eye-catching colors to accentuate your nails.

Final thought

In addition to the nail styles we suggested in the above article, to ensure that your nails are durable, don’t forget to take good care of your nails by using the best nail gel polish. It will not take too long to have a beautiful and durable nail when using good gel polish colors.