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Let Your Tie-dye Nail Art Shine in the Fashion Spotlight

When we think of the word tie-dye, the first thing that comes to mind will be hippie and psychedelic patterns but did you know that the tie-dye effect is now the latest trend in nail fashion? Several celebrities and influencers are implementing the tie-dye nail art into their everyday look. It’s all over Instagram and other social media platforms and if you haven’t seen it, well you must be living under a rock.

Tie-dye Nail Art Shine

The gaudy designs are slowly turning into sophisticated ones and while they may look complicated, they are quite easy to do and can be done at home. A number of tutorials are available online and since the entire process doesn’t take up much time, you can D-I-Y your own tie-dye nails and experiment with tons of different looks. Here are some of the designs that you can rock not only as your everyday wear but also in chic occasions.

  1. Galaxy Tie-Dye Design

Looking at the sky before dawn is really soothing to the soul but you no longer have to wait for that time of the day to witness that mesmerizing moment. You can now put that magical view in your fingernails and look at it anytime you want to. The use of LDS D137 My Heart’s On Fire and LDS D164 We Could Runaway will give you the purplish background. Create a tie-dye look using white polish and your hands will surely look as if it was fresh from the salon.

  1. Blue and Green Tie-Dye With Rhinestones

Attending a formal event but don’t want to look simple? Your nails can still standout without being too flashy with this type of design. Combine LDS D27 Blue or Green and LDS D34 Vitamin Sea for a blue and green basecoat. Create a tie-dye effect by alternating the two colors (be careful not to apply thick coating because we are aiming for a subtle shade). Accentuate it with rhinestones of your choice to achieve that runway-ready look.

  1. Funky Tie-Dye with Lines Pattern

Wanting to unleash the arts-and-crafts pattern within you but don’t know how to? Well, you can start with your nails as your canvass and don on a summer-ready nail trend. Create a tie-dye effect using LDS D101 Fantatastic. To achieve this, aim for a bright middle and then faded up and bottom then using a black DND DC polish and a detailing brush, create line patterns like squares on top of one another, it’s all up to you.  To make your nails last the first half of the summer, cure it under the UV/LED Light for 30 seconds and all you have to do is enjoy your nails and the summer sun.

The use of nail dipping powder is highly recommended for tie-dye nails because they are guaranteed to last longer than the normal gel or acrylic polish. It is also less harmful to the body and to the environment because they eliminate the use of harmful chemicals so you can enjoy your days and your beautiful nails.