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How to Prevent Hair Loss: The Tricks That Actually Work

While you can’t change your genetic makeup, you can still prevent hair loss by changing your habits. If you’ve noticed you’re losing more hair than normal, it’s time to act before it gets worse.

Prevent Hair Loss

Also, watch out for hair that seems drier and more fragile. A few split ends can happen to healthy hair, but strands that break easily are not a normal occurrence. So let’s go over how to protect your hair to stop losing it.

The most important step to retain your hair is to baby it. This means no more hairstyles that pull on it or weigh it down. Cut down on heat styling and apply less gel, spray, dye, etc. As you know, chemical processing can turn lustrous tresses into a twiggy desert.

When you shampoo, clean your scalp more and your strands less. Plus, always use conditioner. If you can switch from shampoo with sulfates to something gentler, that’s even better. And try a hair masque at least once a week if your curls are especially dry.

Now that you’ve reduced the damage you were inflicting on your mane, it’s time to strengthen it. For example, get a scalp massage. This increases blood flow to encourage hair growth. Additionally, use products designed to restore hair. You might benefit from something as simple as low-level light therapy.

In addition, if hormones are causing the problem, you might want to try a best DHT-blocker like Minoxidil foam. But there are also shampoos and scalp treatments that offer a similar benefit, too.

Next, if your hair loss is related to stress or nutrition, taking supplements can help. A little B-complex and zinc go a long way to stimulating follicles into action.

Finally, while you wait for your hair to recover, try a new hairstyle that disguises the problem. Think positively because your patience may inspire someone else to deal gracefully with their thinning locks, too.